Meet the challenge of Scope 3 emissions:

  • Significant: Represents on average 90% of a company’s total emissions
  • No direct control: Depends on other players in the value chain and is beyond a company’s direct operations
  • Lack of granular insight: Companies need to invest significant time in data collection to understand emissions at product-level

To truly drive decarbonization, companies need to understand where their emission hotspots are, ideally at product-level across the value chain. At the end, what is not measured, cannot be managed.


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Ways CO2 AI Product Ecosystem addresses the Scope 3 challenge

CO2 AI Product Ecosystem
CO2 AI Product Ecosystem

A robust self-service tool with key features

Why use CO2 AI’s Product Ecosystem?

Simple digital journey to foster collaboration and drive action

Transparent overview of Scope 3 emissions in line with CDP standards

Secure and seamless data exchange in a single location

Compatible with all levels of emission granularity